Avid microchip updating information

09-Apr-2020 16:01

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Then in 2009 AVID became the first company to offer pet Micro Chip registrations directly from supporting veterinary practice and rescue centre management systems, using the Vet XML Schema and Vet Envoy service.

The majority of AVID customers are registering their pet Micro Chips electronically since the instant registration gives instant peace of mind, but you can choose whichever method suits you best.

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Once your pet has been Micro Chipped it is vital that you keep your contact details up to date.

and requesting to update the information in the PETtrac pet recovery network.

An Avid pet specialist performs and processes the updated information per the owner's request.

Pet microchip registration only takes a few moments, but makes a big difference when your pet is lost and every second counts.

Quick and simple registration, allowing re-use of details to register a litter of pets!

Online | Mobile Apps | Practice Management Systems AVID is at the forefront of pet Micro Chip technology and that is also true of the way in which you can register pet Micro Chips that you implant.

Once enrolled, your pet’s microchip will be linked to your name, telephone numbers, emergency contacts and other vital information in AKC Reunite’s database.

Our 24/7 toll-free PET Line is included with every microchip enrolled with AKC Reunite – with no annual fees or additional fees to speak with a live PET Line expert.We understand that instant electronic pet Micro Chip registration from AVID might not be convenient for everyone.If this is the case AVID can provide A5 carbon copy registration pads, with pre-paid envelopes to be able to send them to the UK PETtrac Database - naturally this is included free within the price that you pay for the pet Micro Chip.When your pet is found and AKC Reunite is contacted, we immediately send you a text, an email and begin calling the phone numbers you provide us. Not to worry, you can make updates to your pet’s microchip enrollment information online or by emailing us for no additional charge for as long as you own your pet.